About Us

Hi there and welcome! Here at The Onigiri Stand, you'll find a variety of our world-famous Cosplay Onigiri!

What's an "onigiri," you ask? Well, an onigiri (🍙) is also called a riceball and is, well, a ball of rice. These are traditional snacks in Japan and typically made by molding rice into a triangle shape and then wrapping a piece of nori, or seaweed, around it so you can hold it while you snack! If you've seen anime like Fruits Basket or even Pokémon, you've probably seen an onigiri.

Onigiri come in all sorts of flavors, but here at the Stand, our onigiri have decided to dress up in costume! That's right, our riceballs cosplay as your favorite anime and video game characters! You can find all sorts of shows represented, from shonen to shojo, mechas to slice of life, modern hits to the classics. And we're adding more all the time! Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@theonigiristand) to stay up to date on all of our new designs.

Most of our products are hard enamel pins of our Cosplay Onigiri designs. But you'll see some vinyl stickers as well, along with lanyards to display your pins! We've got other products in the works too--like washi tape and other otaku swag. Be sure to check back often!

So thanks for stopping by. Pull up a seat and dig in! Enjoy!